Thursday, September 08, 2005


awsome stock to invest ozmd

Advantage Capital Development Corp (AVCP)
Symbol: AVCP
A business development companyt, which operates specifically to meet the needs of small and emerging companies thalot need capital to grow. hornwortdownpour

Current Price: 0.18

Will it continue to grow higer? Please view exactly what the company does.

H0tt Press Release: Advantage Capital Development Corp acrobaticwhere'd

Advantage Capital Development Corp. Portfolio Company Pays Down Senior Secured Debenture Aug. 17, 2005-a- Advantage Capital Development Corp. announced today
that one of its portfolio companies, Global IT Holdings Inc.c, has reduced its debt to the company with a recent papyment of $250,000 against its senior
secured debenture.

Advantagepb Capital Development Corp. recently increased its stake in Global IT Holdings from 15 to 22 1/2 percent. Global recently completed a merger with
High Road International, Inc. In accordance with the transaction the new public entity is now named Global IT Holdings, Inc. Global IT Holdings, Inc. now
owns eighty-five (85%) percent of all of the fully diluted shares of the pink sheet company. The company now trades undqr the symbal.


The Examples Above Show The Awesome, Earning Potential of Little Known
Companies That Explode Onto Investors-Radar Screens; Many of You Are
Already Familiar with Thisv. Is AVCP Poised and Positioned to Do that For You? Then You May Feel the Time Has Come to Act...
And Please Watch this One Trade nq! Go AVCP. ll

Penny-stocks are considered highlydebenture speculative and may be unsuitable
for all but very aggressive-investorsturtle. This Profile is not in any way
affiliated with the featured company. We were compensated
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