Sunday, September 11, 2005


Claims, or demands for Paymeent can be STOPPED and not p-a-i-d

As it turns out most lendors are doing something illegal. Unbelievable but

Do away with everything you owe without paying another dime.

End the calls, End the payments!

Join us for in-depth details about our system at 0 charge or obligation.

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.
Above to learn more or to stop receiving more information and then to view
our address

But he found himself whirling along at a good rate, with the greenish
shimmer of the peaceful ocean waves spread beneath him far beyond his range
of vision. Being in the track of the ocean steamers it was not long before
he found himself overtaking a magnificent vessel whose decks were crowded
with passengers
He dropped down some distance, to enable him to see these people more
plainly, and while he hovered near he could hear the excited exclamations of
the passengers, who focused dozens of marine glasses upon his floating form

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