Friday, September 09, 2005


GrandSlam St0ck Report

Breaking News!!
Nomad International Inc. (NDIN) announced that it has started its initial marketing campaign with respect to launching its Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services worldwide. The campaign commenced with a view to run parallel to the development of Nomad-branded VoIP products through the recently executed agreement with Galaxy Telecom.

The deal with Galaxy enables Nomad to enter the market and 0ffer its services on an immediate basis, therefore potentially leading to increases in Gross Revenue generated from the sales of Nomad's VoIP products.

Galaxy Telecom enables Nomad to deliver telecommunication services immediately on a wholesale basis to ISPs, Cable Companies and other service providers that want to add telecommunication services. The Nomad network will extend to service providers in North America and Europe, as well as many other parts of the world that allow VoIP services. The Nomad Network will immediately facilitate these providers to 0ffer to their customers cost-effective voice services with very little capital expenditure.

In an effort to enhance its marketing efforts, Nomad also announces the appointment of Mr. Af Khan to the position of Sales Manager. Mr. Khan has over 30 years experience in information systems. Mr. Khan has excellent working knowledge of voice and data convergence, Voice-over-IP, Fax-over-IP, Call Centers, Analog/Digital lines and routing of "800" and "900" numbers. He has developed business relationships with leading technology companies such as IBM, DMR, EDS, Pronexus, Artistsoft and many others. Nomad feels that Mr. Khan will be a vital asset to the company.

About Nomad International Inc.
Nomad International Inc. is a multi-national Internet Communications Company developing cost effective telecommunications through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. The Company's revolutionary VoIP product line called NOMAD SYSTEMS that has Dial-up, Broadband, DSL, Cable, Satellite and Wireless capabilities. The Company plans on targeting: 1) National fixed line II & III Tier carriers which are interested in effectively competing with the dominant carrier in their marketplace, 2) Large multinational corporations which need to have US or European presence by having, (for example), a United States number ringing in their offices in Guatemala or London -- offering business partners a more economical way to communicate, and 3) Immigrants in North America, a means of significantly lowering their communication expense with their relatives in their country of origin.

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