Thursday, September 08, 2005


Not All Website Traffic is Created Equal

Dear ,

As a Search4More Search Site Member you're obviously working
hard to promote your website online. I communicate with others
who have the same goal on a daily basis and I keep reminding
those I speak with:

Not all website traffic is created equal.

Not every online user is a good prospect for what you're selling.
However, many online businesses try to attract large numbers of
visitors without giving any thought to whether these visitors are
likely to buy from them. In the quest to succeed in today's
online marketplace, it's natural concentrate on getting "more
traffic", but what many people do not realize is that it's
QUALITY , not quantity of traffic that counts at the end of the

Most of the time, the problem is that the traffic you are
attracting to your site is not targeted. If you sell products
online, then a question you must ask is: Are my visitors online
Even if the visitors are prepared to make purchases
online, are they looking for what you are offering? Are
they interested in your particular product or service? Again, if
you're attracting people looking for sports gear to your site
that's selling kitchen accessories, you won't get very many of
them to fill out your order form.

, you need to attract visitors who are willing to
spend money online and are looking for what you are offering.
This may seem obvious, but is often time overlooked when
promoting a website! This is where a service like the MALL LINK
service really shines:

The MALL LINK gets your your website placed in the appropriate
marketplace category in over 5500 online shopping malls on the
internet. This guarantees you'll be getting exactly the QUALITY
traffic I've been talking about.

* First, since the user is browsing an online shopping mall
you know they're shopping online -- why else would they be

* Secondly, the user will find your site in a targeted
category. This ensures that they are interested in what you have
to offer. If you sell necklaces and earings, you can be sure the
visitors coming in from the malls are interested in your product
Why else would they have clicked the "Jewelry" category while
shopping in the online mall?

The MALL LINK sends you highly targeted visitors, ready to make
online purchases. For more information please visit:

, I'm sure you're beginning to see the importance of
targeted traffic and how a service like the MALL LINK service can
truly boost your website sales , not just your visitor
counter. Remember: the key lies in ensuring that your visitors
are targeted prospects, willing to purchase online and looking
for what you're offering!


Tom Harris
Majon International
phone: 805-528-2100

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