Saturday, September 10, 2005


RE: You Have Been Invited To FTA Empire By CrashOverKill!

Hello Fellow FTA'er!
We Would Like To Welcome You To Our Site Where We Has Aswome Deals
On CoolSats Pros And Pansat 2500A TSOP Repair Service.

With The Reasent Problems With The Pansat Killer Virus,
We Have The Anti-Virus That Can Bring Your Dead Pansat Back To Life!
Our Method To Remove The Pansat 2500A "251 VIRUS" From Your Pansat
Has A Success Rate Of 9/10! Dont Let Your Pansat Become A Door Stop!
We Can Bring Life Back To Your Dear Old Pansat 2500A!

Now On To Our ASWOME CoolSat Pro Deals! We Are In Direct Contact With
The Manufactor And With A Connection Like That, We Are Able To Proide
The Lowest Price On The Net With Superior Customer Service! All CoolSats
Come With A Data Cable To Allow Upgrading Internal Software Either VIA Pc Or
CoolSat To CoolSat Upgrading! We Also Include At No Cost To You A 4 Way DiSEqC
Switch That Allows You To Connect To 4 Diffrent Satillights! OVer 1000 Possible
Channels All Classified As Free-To-Air! Thats Right! Free Tv!

From Your Friends At FTA Empire!

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