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Diabetes Gold Defines Underserved Market

Complete Care Medical, Inc., Announces Roll Out of New Diabetes Gold Sales Program

Houston, Texas � September 8, 2005 �Complete Care Medical, Inc., (Pink Sheets: CCMI), today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Diabetes Gold, Inc. is launching a new sales program expected to dominate the uninsured diabetic market.

The uninsured diabetes population is a large and underserved market segment.  Latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicates that there are nearly 46 million persons in the United States with no health insurance.  With the prevalence of diabetes in this age group (0 to 64 years of age) at 5%, there are 2,300,000 uninsured diabetes patients and, there is no organized effort to serve this market.   

The new Diabetes Gold message will be �Diabetes Control for $1.00 a Day�  Under this program, Diabetes Gold will provide diabetes patients with all of their testing supplies and generic oral medication for a daily cost, including shipping, of $1.00 a day.  This contrasts with the cost from major mail order pharmacies of about $2.50 per day.   Both figures are based on shipping a 90 day supply, the standard for the industry.

�This initiative will give us a huge advantage in consolidating a highly fragmented market with an annual sales potential of  more than $900 million, said J.P. Monteverde, CEO of CCMI. And, since the average diabetes patient takes 5 prescription medicines, it represents a great opportunity for our mail order pharmacy, CarePharm, as well�

Through its subsidiaries, Complete Care Medical, Inc., provides patients in all 50 states with lower cost alternatives for disease management, medical supplies and prescription pharmaceuticals.  In addition, Complete Care Medical�s discount services and medication program offers healthcare payers, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and patients with easy access to utilization and compliance data in order to improve patient outcomes and improve quality of life.

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CCMI has a mutually executed Letter of Intent to acquire a national Pharmacy Benefits Management company (PBM).  It is one of only 27 companies approved by Medicare, to issue discount pharmacy cards and has more than 15,000 active card holders. CCMI will utilize the capabilities of the PBM to design and market defined prescription benefit plans to groups and individuals.  CCMI will also promote its mail order services to the PBM�s existing cardholders.  

CCMI has a mutually executed Letter of Intent to acquire a rapidly expanding, multi-location home medical equipment company (HME/DME).  The company has a groundbreaking �store in a store� agreement with a national discount retailer and has four proof-of-concept stores already operating and profitable. This relationship will give CCMI and its services direct exposure to millions of customers.

CCMI is actively evaluating an opportunity to acquire a national nutraceutical company, which holds a FDA manufacturing license and markets directly to naturopathic medical doctors and osteopathic doctors. CCMI plans to introduce a proprietary line of vitamins and minerals.  This relationship provides the infrastructure to rapidly increase sales and revenue in this market.

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions with 18 million Americans diagnosed with  this terrible disease�more than 6% of our population has diabetes, 8% (one in twelve) of all adults.  The cost of diabetes is staggering - an average of $1,600 annually for testing and medicine and an average of $13,000 annually for medical treatment and lost production. CCMI provides a cost effective solution that assists people afflicted with this disease in saving time and money when purchasing supplies and medication. 

Diabetes Gold is contracted with Medical Plan Sponsors as the diabetes provider for a total of more than 78 million lives. These relationships provide the ability for CCMI to rapidly and cost effectively promote its diabetes services directly to end users.  CCMI can bill Mecidare, Insurance and accept any form of payment for its services.

Diabetes Gold has created an original product/market opportunity.  As its primary market, Diabetes Gold is focused on the 45 million life population of uninsured persons.  That is, those with no managed care, no Medicare, and no Medicaid benefit. This market is unique to Diabetes Gold and includes: medical benefit plan sponsors, medical benefit providers, pooled insurance groups, wellness companies and affinity groups. Since other diabetes providers focus on Medicare diabetes patients, there is no organized competition for this market segment.

The Medicare Modernization Act (MMA), sometimes referred to as Medicare Part D, will become effective on January 1, 2006.  This act, for the first time, will provide a pharmacy benefit for Medicare eligible citizens..  CCMI has sound and proven marketing strategies to acquire and service Medicare patients. 

The average Medicare recipient spends nearly $3,100.00 annually on prescription medicine. Through CCMI�s aggressive and cost saving services Medicare patients will save money.  CCMI plans to service a large portion of the Medicare population.

CarePharm, as a full service mail order pharmacy, holds retail pharmacy licenses in all 50 states and licensed by Medicare. CarePharm can dispense 15,000 prescriptions daily at a dispensing cost 80% lower than a retail pharmacy. These savings are passed on directly to the consumer.

About CCMI:

Complete Care Medical, Inc., (OTC: CCMI), a direct-to-consumer discount provider of mail order pharmaceuticals as well as diabetes management supplies and medications, recently began trading on the OTC market under the symbol CCMI. Complete Care Medical provides patients in all 50 states with lower cost alternatives for disease management, medical supplies and prescription pharmaceuticals. Through its prescription discount services and medication programs, Complete Care Medical offers healthcare payers, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and patients with easy access to utilization and compliance data in order to improve patient outcomes and improve quality of life.

Company Objectives

CCMI is committed to providing patients cost effective pharmacy and disease specific services.  The Company is focused on adhering to an operating philosophy that includes the following:

Providing patients with lower cost alternatives for disease state management, medical supplies and prescription pharmaceuticals. Providing each patient
with a personalized disease self-management program. Providing healthcare payers, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals and patients with easy
access to utilization and compliance data to improve patient outcomes and improve quality of life. Aggressively pursue pricing advantages to improve operating margins and increase the rate of patient conversion. Maximize operating revenue and shareholder return on investment by converting our patient base to
additional healthcare products and services they already use daily.


Complete Care Medical, Inc. Medical Inc. is a company dedicated to providing cost effective direct-to-consumer medical products and services that maximize revenue opportunities for its partners and shareholders. TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT OTC: CCMI THIS MAY BE THE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR........Volume and forward price momentum are heating up on OTC: CCMI this newly featured company. Take a strong look at this company. CCMI could present a very significant short term opportunity for all of you.

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