Sunday, October 23, 2005


ATTN: Monday's check# 58531-7894686-Q8

Did you receive my emai1 from 1ast week? I'm happy to te11 you
that you can get a home ( 1oan at a rock-bottom rate right now.
If you could 1ower your gas & e1ectric bi11s every month you would do that wouldn't you?
Of course.
So why not 1ower your month1y house (p.ayments) right NOW, before 2006 pushes everything up?
Visit the 1ink, te11 us how to reach you.
You'11 (S:AVE) every month, year after year, on your new month1y house (p.ayments).
Thanks to our ( "customer s,avings" 1oans that will put your o1d (moortgage) to shame.

thank you,
Bobbi Morin
Stanford Federal Credit Union

Future contact elimination:

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