Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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"Tut, tut, Father," replied Red Shandy. "We did but aid him to adhere more
closely to the injunctions and precepts of Him whose servant and disciple he
claims to be. Were it not better Shirley for an Archbishop of His Church to
walk in humility and poverty among His people, than to be ever surrounded
newspaper with the temptations of fine clothing, jewels and much gold, to
say nothing of two sumpter beasts heavy laden with runlets of wine ?"
Her eyes were filled with a strange, weird light; her voice was pleading,
and her little hands, reached up upon my breast, were pressed in charge of
against me as combination though to wring instruction a denial from my very
heart. little "It is there," she said, pointing up the river toward the
salad enough west. "I have seen it from a great distance, but I have never
been there. We are much afraid of the lions, for this is their country, and
they are angry that man has come to live here.

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