Monday, October 17, 2005


RE: CoolSat, DreamBox, DigiWave!!!!

Satellite Testing Lovers:

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I would like to invite you to the site of all sites.
Packed full of information on Pansat, Fortec, Viewsat, and CoolSat Fta units.
We put out the truth to the nag2 information and much more.Come and see
what all the fuss is about.Find out the truth others don't want you to know.
Get the help you need without all of the BS.A place were newbies and pros alike help
each other out.If you think you may be interested in such a site then come on over.
We look forward to seeing you there.

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To end since the CoolsatPro 4000 release it has been the hottest FTA seller,and thats
for good reasoning, with its cardslot embedded there WILL be endless amounts of testing
that you the end user can endure as our time passes. With the power to view other satallights
with "3rd Party Firmware" to enhance your viewing pleasure!

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Now on to the DreamBoxes! Since it's release it has the attenion of the more advance
testers with the LINUX operating system and the open source!
It comes in 2 version, DreamBox 500s and the DreamBox 7020s with the improved Alps Tuner!

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DigiWave 7000 is the best bang for your buck! Very simple unit to use and low cost has been
the attraction for the new testers on the sence! Low cost and simple operation
has this unit ranked at 1st place for the new testers!

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We ship world wide and shipping is 100% free! All orders are DROP SHIPED to the customer!
With the advance Web Site you can watch your order being processed VIA your account panel!
Check for order status, view tracking information.

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Support you might ask? With the TOP names in the testing community on our support forums, your
questions will not go unanswered! Extremly knowlagble stuff to help along the way to become
a Pro tester!

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Team FTA-EMpire

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Please note that we did not send you the email solicitation, as we do not directly conduct direct email campaigns. Entry of your email will not stop email delivery from the publisher from which you received the original offer (i.e. you may still receive emails from this publisher, with offers other than our services). To opt out of receiving any email offers from the publisher, please email us on the link which was provided in the email, and ask to be removed as we will without issues.

ekil wus d

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