Friday, October 14, 2005


SmallCap Action Report


+++++++++++Current Profile+++++++++++++

Symbol: MXON. PK

Current Price: $0.04
2-3 Day Target:$0.09

We are putting investors on HIGH_ALERT, put
your sights on MXON..Watch This one MONDAY!!..
Trading at under a nickel the gains could be Huge!

* Act Very Quick *

This stock is poised for a HUGE BREAK OUT, because
of the low price, and recent news. MXON could be
one of the 1,000_%_gainers we are all talking about
later this year.Last time this was on HIGH_ALERT
it went up over 120+%. We Expect More this Time!!

Unlike investing in internet st0cks in the 90's,
finding a stock today with the potential to return
1000% or better is like finding a needle in a
haystack, unless the haystack is also known as the
more then $2Trilli0n, in market value Health Care
Industry and thanks to Maxxon's :( MXON) disposable
retractable syringe and safety scalpel device, which
uses proprietary patented technology in which a
vacuum causes the needle to retract and lock in place
into the barrel of the syringe or device after an
injection is administered or blood is drawn, you
need not fear being stabbed and
infected by the needle.

Let's get to the point, this technology is being
mandated. OSHA estimates that 8 mi||i0n workers in the
health care industry and related occupations are at
risk of occupational exposure to blood born pathogens,
including HIV, Hepatitis (Carried by at least 4
million Americans) and others. In fact, a typical
needle can harbor more than 20 diseases. The National
Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
estimates that 600,000 to 800,000 needle stick
injuries occur annually in the hospital setting with
nursing staff being the most frequently injured,
resulting in thousands of U.S. healthcare workers
becoming infected because of these sharps injuries
every year. It may even be worse then that, according
to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data, the number
of needle stick and other percutaneous injuries among
healthcare workers is growing every year. About half
of these injuries are unreported. At an average
hospital, workers incur approximately 30 needle stick
injuries per 100 beds per year. In one study, needle
stick injuries were reduced anywhere from 23% to 76%
by using safer needles.

The safety needles and syringes market represents a
large and growing segment of the healthcare industry.
In 1999, total sales of needles and syringes in the
U.S. reached a record high of $759_mi||i0n. This
figure is expected to increase to $1.05_bi||i0n by
2006. Rapid acceptance of its Safety-engineered medical
devices (SEMDs) and FDA 510K Application as well as
approval of Foreign Licenses later this year will mean
st0ck price lift off.

MXON will take the healthcare safety device industry
by storm, once the product is being manufactured on a
large scale , and fast track approved, u could be
seeing this product the next time you go to the
doctors office, and when u leave u will know the
device will never stick anyone else. Trade the charts
on this one, easy 200-300% gains, on the chart alone.

netnews sends out public announcements providing
information on selected companies. netnews is n0t_a
-r3g1stered 1nvestment advis0r or broker-dealer. This
report is provided as an information service only and
the statements and opinions in this report should not
be construed as an offer or s0licitation to buy or
sell any security. netnews accepts no liability for
any loss arising from an investor's reliance on or use
of this announcement. An investment is considered to
be highly speculative and should not be considered
unless a person can afford a complete l0ss of
investment. onetnews has been compensated thr3e
th0us4nd_twenty_d0ll4rs for this report.

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