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*****SPAM*****, open to apply for your Unsecured MasterCard

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Get your credit back on track=0Awith a First PREMIER Bank credit card=0A=0A=
Dear bhunter@proi=2Enet,=0A=0AWe want to give you the credit card you need=
=2E=0A=0AWith your new First PREMIER Bank credit card, you can re-build yo=
ur credit=2E By making on time payments and keeping your balance under the=
limit, you may be able to improve your credit score=2E=0A=0AEnjoy these g=
reat features: =0A=0A- Low Fixed APR on Purchases=0A- 24 Hour Account Acce=
ss by Phone=0A- Monthly Reporting to 4 Major Credit Bureaus =0A=0ARe-build=
ing better and stronger credit is in your hands-do not wait any longer! =0A=
=0AVisit http://tc=2Eamcta=2Ecom/cxbevuxy=2Easpx?rvm=3D28436321&wf=3Dvuoud=
PMhUFcD18GDWP8o4kXEYsJamXKJ+9BFRWzIMm5XBJxwhWhObw and apply today!=0A=0ATh=
ank you, =0ADan Nicholson =0ASenior Credit Manager=0A=0AThis was sent to y=
ou on behalf of First PREMIER Bank by stupendousforever, a marketing partn=
er of First PREMIER Bank=2E=0A=0A=0A=0ATo indicate that you would rather n=
ot be contacted by First PREMIER Bank, visit our website at http://tc=2Eam=
cta=2Ecom/rzvl=2Easpx?md=3D28436321&jphdkv=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D =
or write to us at: First PREMIER Bank, 900 W=2E Delaware St=2E, Sioux Fall=
s, SD 57104=0A=0AClick here http://www=2Eamcta=2Ecom/skrufqrt=2Easpx?vqg=3D=
28436321&wcn=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D if you received this message i=
n error or if you wish to be removed from the stupendousforever mailing li=
st=2E You are receiving this e-mail because you registered with stupendous=
forever or one of our marketing partners=2E During the removal period, yo=
u may receive some offers that were already in process when your request w=
as received=2E =0A=0A =0A=0A6059 Allentown Blvd #908 Harrisburg, PA 17112=
=0A=0A =0A=0Astupendousforever is a mailing service and does not sponsor o=
r otherwise endorse the goods and/or services advertised herein=2E By con=
tinuing to receive e-mails from stupendousforever, you agree to the terms =
of our Privacy Policy=2E http://www=2Eamcta=2Ecom/p=2Ehtml=0A=0AThis e-ma=
il message may be part of a recurring mailing campaign=2E=0A=0A =0A=0ATo u=
nsubscribe from receiving future e-mail marketing from the advertiser - co=
mpany advertising the product/service contained in this email - please vis=
it the advertiser=19s website=2E To be removed from this mailing list, ple=
ase follow the instructions above=2E=0A

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<HTML>=0A<HEAD>=0A<TITLE>Medical Malpractice</TITLE>=0A</HEAD>=0A<BODY TEX=
T=3D"#000000" BGCOLOR=3D"#FFFFFF" LINK=3D"#D83801" VLINK=3D"#D83801" ALINK=
ALIGN=3D"top">=0A<TD><IMG SRC=3D"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/PBA01/speed=
ometer_top=2Ejpg" ALT=3D"Get your credit back on track" WIDTH=3D540 HEIGHT=
"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/PBA01/left=2Egif" WIDTH=3D33 HEIGHT=3D140 B=
ORDER=3D0></TD>=0A<TD BGCOLOR=3D"#D83801"><A HREF=3D"http://tc=2Eamcta=2Ec=
XBJxwhWhObw"><IMG SRC=3D"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/PBA01/premier_visa_=
mastercard=2Egif" ALT=3D"First PREMIER Bank credit card" WIDTH=3D192 HEIGH=
T=3D140 BORDER=3D0></A></TD>=0A<TD><A HREF=3D"http://tc=2Eamcta=2Ecom/arh=2E=
bw"><IMG SRC=3D"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/PBA01/right=2Egif" ALT=3D"9=2E=
9% Fixed APR, Click here to get yours" WIDTH=3D315 HEIGHT=3D140 BORDER=3D0=
"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">=0ADear bhunter@proi=2Enet,<BR><BR> =0A=0AW=
e want to give you the credit card you need=2E <BR><BR>=0A=0AWith your new=
First PREMIER Bank credit card, you can re-build your credit=2E Our pro=
gram is designed to help you re-establish your credit=2E By making on time=
payments and keeping your balance under the limit, you may be able to imp=
rove your credit score while you enjoy=2E=2E=2E <BR><BR>=0A=0A<LI> Low fix=
ed APR on purchases=0A<LI> 24 Hour Account Access By Phone=0A<LI> Monthly =
Reporting to 4 Major Credit Bureaus=0A<BR><BR>=0ARe-building better and st=
ronger credit is in your hands-do not wait any longer! <BR><BR>=0A=0A<A HR=
WP8o4kXEYsJamXKJ+9BFRWzIMm5XBJxwhWhObw">Click here</A> to apply today! <BR=
><BR>=0A=0AThank you, <BR>=0A<IMG SRC=3D"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/PBA=
01/signature=2Egif" ALT=3D"Dan Nicholson" WIDTH=3D149 HEIGHT=3D27 BORDER=3D=
0 VSPACE=3D10><BR>=0ADan Nicholson <BR>=0ASenior Credit Manager=0A</FONT><=
/TD>=0A</TR>=0A<TR VALIGN=3D"top">=0A<TD><FONT SIZE=3D1 FACE=3D"Arial, Hel=
vetica, sans-serif">=0AThis was sent to you on behalf of First PREMIER Ban=
k by stupendousforever, a marketing partner of First PREMIER Bank=2E</FONT=
></TD>=0A</TR>=0A</TABLE>=0A<br><table cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPadding=3D"0"=
border=3D"0"><tr><td width=3D"50"></td><td><a href=3D"http://tc=2Eamcta=2E=
com/qvm=2Easpx?yr=3D28436321&tisus=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D"><img sr=
c=3D"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/PBA01/ctn01=2Egif" border=3D0></a></td>=
</tr></table>=0A=0A =0A=0A=0A=0A =0A=0A<table cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPaddin=
g=3D"0" border=3D"0">=0A=0A =0A=0A<tr>=0A=0A =0A=0A<td width=3D"50"></td>=0A=
=0A =0A=0A<td>=0A=0A =0A=0A=0A=0A =0A=0A<a href=3D"http://www=2Eamcta=2Eco=
m/uzmvppl=2Easpx?ocaav=3D28436321&zb=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D"><img =
src=3D"http://m=2Eamcta=2Ecom/images/41021=2Egif" border=3D"0"></a>=0A=0A =
=0A=0A<a href=3D"http://www=2Eamcta=2Ecom/p=2Ehtml"><img src=3D"http://m=2E=
amcta=2Ecom/images/41020=2Egif" border=3D"0"></a>=0A=0A =0A=0A</td>=0A=0A =
=0A=0A</tr>=0A=0A =0A=0A</table>=0A=0A<img src=3D"http://tc=2Eamcta=2Ecom/=


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Bank credit card Dear, We want to give you the credit
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