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*****SPAM*****, you are guaranteed* to receive payment.

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Enter to win the $100,000 Great Student Loan Payoff TM=0Ahttp://ft=2Ebctgl=
TTEIcFMpwxZEC7uUyrENLWP4aRvKV8R=0A=0AFrank,=0AYou're guaranteed* to receiv=
e Cash when you enter the Great Student Loan PayoffTM sweepstakes upon qua=
lified registration! There are no bligations or purchase requirements - s=
imply enter and receive guaranteed* cash=2E Grand prize winners will rece=
ive $100,000=2E00 USD=2E You could get rid of your student loans forever =
- join the Great Student Loan Payoff today!=0A=0AEnter Now=0Ahttp://ft=2Eb=
vpq0TTEIcFMpwxZEC7uUyrENLWP4aRvKV8R=0A=0A=0ACopyright (C) 2004 Affinity Di=
rect, LLC=2E All Rights Reserved =0A* By registering with Educational Dire=
ct and playing the Great Student Loan Payoff free sweepstakes promotion, f=
irst time entrants will receive $1=2E00=2E You will be notified via email =
of your $1=2E00 payment which will be awarded through PayPal=2E Guaranteed=
Cash is a one time offer to new Great Student Loan Payoff sweepstakes ent=
rants=2E To qualify for entry in the Great Student Loan Payoff sweepstakes=
, you must have outstanding United States Federal student loans=2E Great S=
tudent Loan Payoff Grand Prize drawings are independently overseen and con=
ducted by SCA Promotions=2E Great Student Loan Payoff games are open only =
to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia, livi=
ng in the United States and the District of Columbia, who are at least 18 =
years of age=2E This promotion is void in Puerto Rico=2E Offer void where =
otherwise prohibited by law=2E Winners are responsible for taxes on all pr=
izes=2E No purchase necessary to play or win=2E Purchase will not enhance =
the odds of the entry winning=2E=0A=0A=0A=0AThis is an advertisement sent =
by email=2E To stop receiving emails from this advertiser, click here ht=
9pLm5ldA=3D=3D or send a request to Affinity Direct LLC at 910 Sylvan Ave=2E=
Suite115b Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632=2E=0A=0AClick here http://www=2Ebc=
if you received this message in error or if you wish to be removed from t=
he stupendousforever mailing list=2E You are receiving this e-mail because=
you registered with stupendousforever or one of our marketing partners=2E=
During the removal period, you may receive some offers that were already=
in process when your request was received=2E =0A=0A =0A=0A6059 Allentown=
Blvd #908 Harrisburg, PA 17112=0A=0A =0A=0Astupendousforever is a mailing=
service and does not sponsor or otherwise endorse the goods and/or servic=
es advertised herein=2E By continuing to receive e-mails from stupendousf=
orever, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy=2E http://www=2Ebctg=
l=2Ecom/p=2Ehtml=0A=0AThis e-mail message may be part of a recurring maili=
ng campaign=2E=0A=0A =0A=0ATo unsubscribe from receiving future e-mail mar=
keting from the advertiser - company advertising the product/service conta=
ined in this email - please visit the advertiser=19s website=2E To be remo=
ved from this mailing list, please follow the instructions above=2E=0A

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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4=2E01 Transitional//EN"=0A"http:/=
/www=2Ew3=2Eorg/TR/html4/loose=2Edtd">=0A<html>=0A<head>=0A<title>Black Ey=
es</title>=0A<meta http-equiv=3D"Content-Type" content=3D"text/html; chars=
et=3Diso-8859-1">=0A=0A</head>=0A=0A<body>=0A<table width=3D"600" border=3D=
"0" align=3D"center" cellpadding=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0">=0A <tr>=0A <=
td><a href=3D"http://ft=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/bqhyq=2Easpx?plz=3D31488342&o=3DB7vf=
vdorEvIjbSvDivKV1k9912B8rvpq0TTEIcFMpwxZEC7uUyrENLWP4aRvKV8R"><img src=3D"=
http://c=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/images/GSLZ2/shake1=2Egif" width=3D"600" height=3D"=
67" border=3D"0"></a></td>=0A </tr>=0A <tr>=0A <td height=3D"22"><tab=
le width=3D"600" border=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0">=0A =
<tr>=0A <td width=3D"21">&nbsp;</td>=0A <td width=3D"579"=
><font size=3D"2" face=3D"Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">bhunter@p=
roi=2Enet,</font></td>=0A </tr>=0A </table></td>=0A </tr>=0A <tr=
>=0A <td><a href=3D"http://ft=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/bqhyq=2Easpx?plz=3D31488342=
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eight=3D"112" border=3D"0"></a></td>=0A </tr>=0A <tr>=0A <td><a href=3D=
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"0"></a></td>=0A </tr>=0A <tr>=0A <td><a href=3D"http://ft=2Ebctgl=2E=
FMpwxZEC7uUyrENLWP4aRvKV8R"><img src=3D"http://c=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/images/GSLZ=
2/shake5=2Egif" width=3D"600" height=3D"183" border=3D"0"></a></td>=0A </=
tr>=0A</table>=0A<br><br>=0A<br><table cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPadding=3D"0"=
border=3D"0"><tr><td width=3D"50"></td><td><a href=3D"http://ft=2Ebctgl=2E=
img src=3D"http://c=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/images/GSLZ2/gsl123=2Egif" border=3D0></=
a></td></tr></table>=0A=0A =0A=0A=0A=0A =0A=0A<table cellSpacing=3D"0" cel=
lPadding=3D"0" border=3D"0">=0A=0A =0A=0A<tr>=0A=0A =0A=0A<td width=3D"50"=
></td>=0A=0A =0A=0A<td>=0A=0A =0A=0A=0A=0A =0A=0A<a href=3D"http://www=2Eb=
=3D"><img src=3D"http://c=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/images/41081=2Egif" border=3D"0"><=
/a>=0A=0A =0A=0A<a href=3D"http://www=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/p=2Ehtml"><img src=3D"=
http://c=2Ebctgl=2Ecom/images/41080=2Egif" border=3D"0"></a>=0A=0A =0A=0A<=
/td>=0A=0A =0A=0A</tr>=0A=0A =0A=0A</table>=0A=0A<img src=3D"http://ft=2Eb=


Spam detection software, running on the system localhost, has
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Content preview: Enter to win the $100,000 Great Student Loan Payoff TM
Frank, You're guaranteed* to receive Cash when you enter the Great
Student Loan PayoffTM sweepstakes upon qualified registration! There
are no bligations or purchase requirements - simply enter and receive
guaranteed* cash. Grand prize winners will receive $100,000.00 USD.
You could get rid of your student loans forever - join the Great
Student Loan Payoff today! [...]

Content analysis details: (8.4 points, 5.0 required)

pts rule name description
---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
1.3 ADDRESS_IN_SUBJECT To: address appears in Subject
2.0 MARKETING_PARTNERS BODY: Claims you registered with a partner
0.1 EXCUSE_19 BODY: Claims you opted-in or registered
0.0 ONE_TIME BODY: One Time Rip Off
1.8 MPART_ALT_DIFF BODY: HTML and text parts are different
1.1 HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_24 BODY: HTML: images with 2000-2400 bytes of words
1.7 HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_02 BODY: HTML has a low ratio of text to image area
0.0 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message
0.3 HTML_90_100 BODY: Message is 90% to 100% HTML

The original message was not completely plain text, and may be unsafe to
open with some email clients; in particular, it may contain a virus,
or confirm that your address can receive spam. If you wish to view
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