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*****SPAM***** If you are still dealing with your tuition payments, you have to read this

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Subject: If you are still dealing with your tuition payments, you have to read this
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 12:11:17 GMT
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=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=0Abhunter@proi=2Enet we think you're #1, th=
at's why we think you should get the web's #1 loan=0A=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=
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te to apply=0A =0A1 (One) Click http://ne=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/cs=2Easpx?pjh=3D23=
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=2E=2E=2E=2ENo Employment Check=2E=2E=2E=2ENo credit check=2E=2E=2E=2ENo C=
ost or Fees=2E=2E=2E=2ENo Pre-Payment Penalty=2E=2E=2E10 minute approval=0A=
=0A=0A=0AEducational Direct is an independent third party company serving =
customers under the Federal Family Education Loan Program's student loan c=
onsolidation program=2E This advertisement has not been approved, endorse=
d or sponsored by any agency of the Federal Government=2E To unsubscribe =
from future mailings, click here=2E =0Ahttp://ne=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/qv=2Easpx?=
bqrj=3D23984783&y=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D=0AOr you may mail your re=
quest to: Affinity Direct, LLC=2E 910 Sylvan Avenue, First Floor, Englewo=
od Cliffs, NJ 07632=0A=0AClick here http://www=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/tl=2Easpx?dv=3D=
23984783&oyzi=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D if you received this message =
in error or if you wish to be removed from the lifeonaclick mailing list=2E=
You are receiving this e-mail because you registered with lifeonaclick or=
one of our marketing partners=2E During the removal period, you may rece=
ive some offers that were already in process when your request was receive=
d=2E =0A=0A =0A=0A6059 Allentown Blvd #908 Harrisburg, PA 17112=0A=0A =0A=
=0Alifeonaclick is a mailing service and does not sponsor or otherwise end=
orse the goods and/or services advertised herein=2E By continuing to rece=
ive e-mails from lifeonaclick, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Polic=
y=2E http://www=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/p=2Ehtml=0A=0AThis e-mail message may be pa=
rt of a recurring mailing campaign=2E=0A=0A =0A=0ATo unsubscribe from rece=
iving future e-mail marketing from the advertiser - company advertising th=
e product/service contained in this email - please visit the advertiser=19=
s website=2E To be removed from this mailing list, please follow the instr=
uctions above=2E=0A

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<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4=2E0 Transitional//EN">=0A<HTML><=
HEAD><TITLE>easyloan2A</TITLE>=0A<META http-equiv=3DContent-Type content=3D=
"text/html; charset=3Diso-8859-1">=0A<META content=3D"MSHTML 6=2E00=2E2900=
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<TD background=3D"http://s=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/images/EDDX1new2/index_01=2Ej=
pg" colSpan=3D2><FONT face=3Dtahoma =0A size=3D5><B>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp=
;bhunter@proi=2Enet</B></FONT></TD></TR>=0A <TR>=0A <TD colSpan=3D2><A=
=0A href=3D"http://ne=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/agqhiaj=2Easpx?bfk=3D23984783&le=
=3D7dbyjImmESE/x0IHOzkuUkpaRRL6hAtzFT+P7tKSFb0dW4lb9emI4HO3QA/Gw+Ag"><IMG =
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cl_915=2Egif" border=3D0></a></td></tr></table>=0A=0A =0A=0A=0A=0A =0A=0A<=
table cellSpacing=3D"0" cellPadding=3D"0" border=3D"0">=0A=0A =0A=0A<tr>=0A=
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<a href=3D"http://www=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/sxdggy=2Easpx?hbd=3D23984783&ngtwnut=3D=
Ymh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D"><img src=3D"http://s=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/images/40=
691=2Egif" border=3D"0"></a>=0A=0A =0A=0A<a href=3D"http://www=2Eeseaq=2Ec=
om/p=2Ehtml"><img src=3D"http://s=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/images/40690=2Egif" border=
=3D"0"></a>=0A=0A =0A=0A</td>=0A=0A =0A=0A</tr>=0A=0A =0A=0A</table>=0A<im=
g src=3D"http://ne=2Eeseaq=2Ecom/23984783-7dbyjImmESE/x0IHOzkuUkpaRRL6hAtz=


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Content preview: ============================================================ we think you're #1, that's why we think you should
get the web's #1 loan
============================================================ [...]

Content analysis details: (7.5 points, 5.0 required)

pts rule name description
---- ---------------------- --------------------------------------------------
2.0 MARKETING_PARTNERS BODY: Claims you registered with a partner
0.1 EXCUSE_19 BODY: Claims you opted-in or registered
0.1 NO_COST BODY: No such thing as a free lunch (3)
1.2 BAD_CREDIT BODY: Eliminate Bad Credit
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