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*****SPAM***** We have gathered for you the most attractive refinance offers for your student loans

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Sent To: bhunter@proi=2Enet=0AEmail: =0A=0AThe Federal Government reduces =
your monthly payments? That's right=2E Strange as it may seem, if you have=
to pay back federal student loans, the government allows you to cut your =
monthly payments by up to 51%=2E We have so many customers that are taking=
advantage of this entirely FREE program=2E No credit checks are required=2E=
Click now to confirm your eligibility in only one minute!=0A=0AClick here=
: http://tz=2Etheplaceforabargain=2Ecom/brmfk=2Easpx?jvx=3D35422217&i=3Dk9=
=0A=0AEducational Direct is an independent third party company serving cus=
tomers under the Federal Family Education Loan Program's student loan cons=
olidation program=2E This advertisement has not been approved, endorsed o=
r sponsored by any agency of the Federal Government=2E To unsubscribe fro=
m future mailings, click here=2E =0Ahttp://tz=2Etheplaceforabargain=2Ecom=
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you may mail your request to: Affinity Direct, LLC=2E 910 Sylvan Avenue, =
First Floor, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632=0A=0A =0A=0A =0A=0A =0A=0AClick he=
re http://www=2Etheplaceforabargain=2Ecom/tfdytt=2Easpx?t=3D35422217&psujq=
=3DYmh1bnRlckBwcm9pLm5ldA=3D=3D if you received this message in error or i=
f you wish to be removed from the BargainPlace mailing list=2E You are rec=
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marketing partners=2E During the removal period, you may receive some off=
ers that were already in process when your request was received=2E =0A=0A=
=0A=0A =0A=0A =0A=0A414 S Craig St #266, Pittsburgh, PA 15213=0A=0A=0A =0A=
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inuing to receive e-mails from BargainPlace, you agree to the terms of our=
Privacy Policy=2E http://www=2Etheplaceforabargain=2Ecom/p=2Ehtml=0A=0A =
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>=0A <div align=3D"justify" class=3D"style4">=0A =
<div align=3D"justify" class=3D"style4">The Federal Government =
reduces your monthly payments? That's right=2E Strange as it may seem, if =
you have to pay back federal student loans, the government allows you to c=
ut your monthly payments by up to 51%=2E We have so many customers that ar=
e taking advantage of this entirely FREE program=2E No credit checks are r=
equired=2E Click now to confirm your eligibility in only one minute!</div>=
=0A </div></th>=0A </tr></tbody></table></td=
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ellspacing=3D"0" width=3D"600">=0A <tbody>=0A <tr>=0A <td class=3D"te=
xt2" align=3D"center">Not Available to North Dakota Residents =0A </td></=
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Government reduces your monthly payments? That's right. Strange as it
may seem, if you have to pay back federal student loans, the
government allows you to cut your monthly payments by up to 51%. We
have so many customers that are taking advantage of this entirely FREE
program. No credit checks are required. Click now to confirm your
eligibility in only one minute! [...]

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Realize Your Potential
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In order to succeed at anything,
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