Sunday, October 23, 2005


Watch this Stock Trade

Here is a new hot mircocap stock for all of you to

Over the past 30 years, st0ck-brokerage firms have
grown faster and realized greater profits than any
other industry, and that includes the booming,
technologies sector. Now, HLV Trading is leading this
revenue-rich business into the next generation,
combining cutting-edge technology with an explosive
marketplace, breaking ground with the very first
Direct Access Electronic Trading Center in the United
States. Direct Access Trading puts into your hands,
the everyday trader, the ability to trade just like
the professionals at the big wall street firms,
cutting out the traders and giving YOU the individual
investor the power to trade just like the big boys.

This New Hot Pick is:

Compay: HLV Trading, Inc.
Symbol: HLVC. PK
Current Price 0.025

Already up over 25% friday, watch this one Monday for
sure! You may want to act very quick!!

A major PR campaign has already begun, this one is
only trading at .01 - .02 cents the gains could be

HLV Capital is a New York based publicly traded equity
trading firm. The company trades U.S. equities for
their own account. HLVC's traders benefit from the
firms volume trading discounts, buying power leverage,
and the sharing of the company´┐Żs expertise in trading.
It is HLVC's goal to build an organization where
their traders can thrive and build themselves a long,
rewarding career as a professional Trader. HLV
Capital is among the fastest growing proprietary
trading firms in the nation.

This one only began trading on the OTC Aug 9 2005.
This major campaign is putting 1000's of investors in
the know and friday is just a taste of what Monday and
all of next week is going to be!!

Goto your favorite financial website and Read all the
recent news on this company. This is one to keep your
EYES on all next week expect some big news for sure!

This news release may contain f0rw4rd-l00k|ng
st4tements within the meaning of Section 27A of the
Secur|t|es Act 0f_1933, as amended, and Sect|0n 21E_of
the Secur|t|es Act 0f_1934, as amended; such
statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that
could cause actual results to vary materially from
those projected in the f0rw4rd-l00k|ng st4tements. The
Company may experience significant fluctuations in
operating results due to a number of economic,
competitive and other factors. These factors could
cause operations to vary significantly from those in
prior periods, and those projected in f0rw4rd-l00k|ng
st4tements. Information with respect to these factors
which could materially affect the Company and its
operations are included on certain forms the Company
files with the Secur|t|es_and_Exchange Commission.

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