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Sleeper Oil-St0ck Alert

Hot-St0ck in the Oil Industry!!

+++++++++++Current Profile++++++++++++++++

American Petroleum Group, Inc.'s (OTCBB: AMPE)
Symbol: AMPE .OB

Current Price: $0.37
3 day Target: $0.70
2 week Target: $1.25

Watch this one trade starting Wednesday Morning
and Especially all this week.

A huge PR Campaign just started and the price is
expected to rise quite nicely. Its only trading
at .37 with big increases possible!

* Act Fast and Early! *

This is a U.S. based-company providing re-refined
oil to the billion dollar motor oil industry.

With sky rocketing crude oil prices, AMPE has
found a huge market niche for turning used
uncombusted oil into a Renewed base oil for
distribution as bottled motor oil.

AMPE has recently received commitments from
several key customers which will require an
additional 250,000 gallons of oil per month.
That�s an increase of over 400% in revenue from
its best month in September.

Is It Poised to Go Higher?
Does It Sound New and Exciting To You?
Please Review Exactly What this Company Does.

Why Consider American Petroleum Group, Inc.'s?

- A Financial Journalist recently noted the
St0ck value of AMPE needs to gain 550% just
to reach its fair market value.

- Has recently increased its monthly revenue by
over 400% with demand from key customers.

- It is in one of the fastest growing segments
of the oil market.

- Has locked in sales contracts with Exxon,
Amoco, and many others.

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All the recent Breaking News for:

* American Petroleum Group, Inc.'s (AMPE.OB)! *
Symbol: AMPE.OB

About the company:

American Petroleum Group, Inc.'s (AMPE.OB)
announced today that it has received additional
commitments from several strategic customers
for over 250,000 gallons/month of finished motor
oil. These new commitments will increase current
revenues by more than 400% over its best month.

George Campbell, president and CEO of AMPE,
stated, "We are very pleased to obtain these
commitments. We have seen steady organic sales
growth all year. The new supply of oil from Detroit,
combined with high petroleum prices, should continue
to drive strong demand� We are continuing to expand
our distribution channel and anticipate more positive
announcements in the next several months."

American Petroleum Group�s core business is to
turn used, "uncombusted" oils (such as gear oil,
used motor oil, machine oils, etc.) into "renewed"
petroleum base oil. This base oil is blended with
new crude and other chemical components and sold
as bulk and bottled motor oil, with a significantly
reduced production cost.


The examples above show the Awesome, Earning
Potential of little known Companies
That Explode onto Investors Radar Screens.
This st0ck will not be a Secret for long.
You May Feel the Desire to Act Right Now!
And Please Watch This One Trade!


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Hot Company On The Move With BMW

W.S. Financial Picks This Week

Our Pick This Week Is LEAT. PK Our Last Pick
Was Up Over 275% Don't Miss Out On This One!
The Company Has Just Signed A Very Big Deal
With BMW! Don't Miss Out Get In Immediately.

+ + + + + + Current Profile + + + + + + + + +
Symbol: LEAT.PK
Current Price: .24
3 day Target: .70
2 week Target: 1.25

Leatt Corporation Announces Collaboration With BMW
and KTM.

Leatt Corporation (LEAT.PK - News), a Nevada,
USA Corporation headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa,
that develops, sells and distributes the Leatt-Brace(TM),
a Neck Brace system designed to help prevent potentially
devastating motor sport injuries to the cervical spine
(neck), today announced that it will be collaborating
with BMW and KTM on a cervical spine protection system
for the sports motorcyclist.

BMW Motorrad and KTM are seeking to develop an adequate
system of protection for the neck, the cervical spine,
the spinal cord and the collarbone in the event of a
serious motorcycle fall. Leatt-Brace(TM) prototypes
have undergone extensive testing at BMW's testing
facility in Munich, Germany. The Leatt Corporation
believes that a neck protection system of this kind
will benefit not only the enduro motorcyclist and
rally biker, but also the motorcyclist in everyday
traffic situations, and will represent a great step
forward in the area of passive safety. According to
BMW Motorrad, testing of the brace has produced
excellent results. Consequently, experts at BMW
Motorrad Accident Research regard the prototype
as having a huge safety potential.

"Motorcycle sport should be safer and we wish to
make a contribution in achieving this", explains
Dr. Herbert Diess, Head of BMW Motorrad, while
commenting on the decision to dedicate a substantial
degree of attention to this subject. He continues:
"The concept is extremely promising. If this system
continues to live up to our expectations, I can well
envisage us putting it into production."

"I am very pleased with the relationship that is
developing between BMW, KTM and the Leatt Corporation,
the global distributor of the Leatt- Brace(TM),"
said, Dr. Leatt, C.E.O. of the Leatt Corporation. He
added: "With all of us working together collectively,
I feel that the brace will find its way into the
market much faster and I have hope that lives will
be saved sooner, rather than later, as a direct result
of this collaboration."

There can be no assurances that the foregoing testing
will lead to any formal business relationship between
BMW/BMW Mottorrad and the Leatt Corporation or between
KTM and the Leatt Corporation, or that the developments
described herein will produce any revenues or profits
for the Leatt Corporation.

About The Leatt Corporation: The Leatt Corporation is the
exclusive global distributor of the Leatt-Brace(TM), a
Neck Brace designed to prevent or lessen the severity
of potentially devastating motor sport injuries to the
cervical spine (neck). The manufacture and development
of the core products currently take place at the Leatt
Corporation's offices in Cape Town, South Africa,
which are situated at the headquarters of the Leatt
Brace Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

The impetus for the project came from Dr. Chris Leatt's
medical knowledge, his history as a motorcycle racer
and the many neck injuries he has witnessed. The product
not only has motor sport applications, but the Company
believes that it can be used by anyone wearing a crash
helmet as a form of protection. The inventor of the
brace, Dr. Chris Leatt, is the President of the Leatt
Corporation and is responsible for executing the
Company's global strategy.

BMW is an international manufacturer of automobiles,
motorcycles and related products. BMW Motorrad is a
South African subsidiary of BMW. KTM is an Australian
based high performance motorcycle manufacturer.

LEAT. pk LEAT. pk LEAT. pk LEAT. pk LEAT. pk

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